Name: Donald R. Chesnut, Jr.



Geologic Experience

On occassion Taught Invertebrate Paleontology GLY401, Coal Geology Seminar (team taught), Bahamas Field Course in Carbonate Environments, University of Kentucky, Geosciences Dept.
1998-2006 As below plus Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky Geosciences Dept.
2001 Retired Kentucky Geological Survey, Chief Paleontologist
1995-2000 Section Head, Coal and Minerals Section [& Chief Paleontologist], Kentucky Geological Survey
1992-1995 Acting Section Head, Coal and Minerals Section, Kentucky Geological Survey
1982-1992 Geologist and Stratigrapher for Coal Section (Field Program closed), Kentucky Geological Survey
1981-1982 Geologist and Stratigrapher for Coal Section, Head of Field Geologists, Kentucky Geological Survey
1979-1981 Geologist, Kentucky Geological Survey, Head of Corbin Field Office
1977-1978 Research Assistant, Geology Department, University of Kentucky
1976-1977 Teachers' Assistant, Geology Department, University of Kentucky

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Activities and Responsibilities at Kentucky Geological Survey [before retirement]:

As Section Head: to administer section activities, help develop policies for section and Survey, manage section personnel, design research projects, and seek funding for research programs. As section manager: direct four Ph.D. and one M.S. researchers, two graduate students, and various data entry personnel. As section head: to develop funding programs with other agencies, consortia, and industry and then to assign principal investigators for each funded project. As stratigrapher and paleontologist for Coal Section: to delineate and clarify stratigraphic and paleontological problems in the Carboniferous strata of eastern Kentucky, to answer public inquiries concerning Pennsylvanian geology and coal-resource data for eastern Kentucky, and to initiate geologic and paleontological research in Kentucky by specialists from other institutions.

As Chief Paleontologist: to ensure that important paleontological finds in Kentucky are preserved and studied by appropriate specialists.

As Assistant Adjunct Professor to the Geosciences Department: to teach selected courses including Invertebrate Paleontology and Coal Geology Seminar (team taught) when requested and to assist the department in other ways.


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Research in Progress:

  1. Highway Geologic Cross Sections
  2. Stratigraphic and Paleontologic Investigations of Carboniferous Rocks
  3. Subsurface Examination of Core Descriptions and Oil and Gas Logs for the Pennsylvanian of Eastern Kentucky
  4. Asian tectonics

Continuing Education: