Shillings, etc.

Americans used English money as late as the early 19th century. The old pre-decimal English currency was,

Four Farthings or Two Halfpennies = One Penny ( 1d - was the shorthand )

Two pennies = Tuppence Six pennies = Sixpence

Threepenny bit [pronounced 'threpney bit'] = Three penny piece [from Marilyn Johnson]

Twelve pennies = One Shilling ( 1s - was shorthand )

Two Shillings = One Florin [The value changed through time from two shillings to six shillings (thanks to Gerard Koeppel).]

Two Shilings and Six pence = Half a crown

Five shillings = One Crown

Twenty shillings = One Pound

Sovereign [gold piece] = One Pound [from Marilyn Johnson]

One pound and One shilling = One guinea

When England went decimal in the 1970's, instead of 240 pennies to the pound, they changed to 100 pence to the pound.

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