Old Family Photographs

One of my Saylor cousins, Steve Saylor, sent me old photographs of the Chesnut, Saylor and other familes from Laurel County, Kentucky. Most of the photographs appear to be from the 1890's through the 1920's, with a few younger ones. Most of the people appear to be associated with the Chesnut and Saylor families, but many are unknown. If you can identify any of the unnamed people or places, please let us know (donchesnut<at>gmail.com). Comments in italics are those of Steve Saylor. Thank you.

Click to see saylor047as.jpg Lizi or Lize Chesnut. Perhaps Eliza Chesnut (b. 1894, d. 1978) who married Boyd Boggs, or Eliza Lloyd Chesnut (b. 1859) who was second wife of  Stephen "Uncle Teet" Chesnut.

Click to see saylor001bs.jpg Pearl Maxine Box Saylor and Henry Stephen Saylor, ...taken near end of 1916.

Click to see saylor004as.jpg Click to see saylor005as.jpg Sara Jane "Sallie" Chesnut Walker and V. Gordon Walker. Photos were taken about 1913.

Click to see saylor007as.jpg Click to see saylor008as.jpg Bill Chesnut (Wm. Jacob or Jennings Chesnut, b. 1892, d. 1988). This is my grandfather, W.J. Chesnut. Photos were taken about 1913.

Click to see saylor006as.jpg Click to see saylor009as.jpg The note says this is Matt E. Saylor (b. 1896). If this is correct, then it is the earliest photo I have been able to find. This is Matt Saylor. Photos were taken about 1913.

Click to see saylor010as.jpg Aunt Minnie Chesnut Estridge. Minnie May Chesnut Vandeventer Estridge (b. 1885, d. 1968).

Click to see saylor011bs.jpg Will Chesnut. W.J. Chesnut (b. 1892, d. 1988) is in the back with a straw hat. Who are the others?

Click to see saylor012as.jpg Hazel and Irene Walker with their dolls. Hazel (no dates) and Lillian Irene Walker (b. 1913, d. 2001).

Click to see saylor002bs.jpg This one was with the one of Hazel and Irene Walker (with their dolls). Perhaps one of the boys (left?) is V. Gordon Walker.

Click to see saylor013bs.jpg Minnie May Chesnut. My Dad and I think this is Susan Asher Chesnut Saylor, compare with this photo of Susan. If it is Minnie, there is a strong resemblance to her mother.

Click to see saylor014as.jpg Gordon and Irene Walker

Click to see saylor015s.jpg Uncle Steve Chesnut's boy, Wilson, in "sergeant" soldier's uniform. This is Wilson Pleasant Chesnut (b. 1915, d. 1991) of Boise, Idaho.

Click to see saylor016bs.jpg Grandma Saylor's funeral at Lida, Laurel Co., KY. Susan Elizabeth Asher Chesnut Saylor (b. 1861, d. 1925). This is the same house photographed circa 1906.

Click to see saylor017bs.jpg [left to right] Henry Jefferson Saylor [1874-1953], Henry Stephen Saylor [hat] [1916-1997], "Aunt Minnie" (Minnie May Chesnut Vandeventer Estridge) [1885-1968], Elihu Elisha Estridge, Henry Steven "Steve" Saylor [boy], Matt Edward Saylor [1896-1978]. Photo circa 1950.

Click to see saylor018s.jpg Unknown young man. The back drop painting for this boy's photo appears in other Saylor/Chesnut photos. This is a photo on postcard. Also, this character is second from left in the group of boys standing on the rail (next photo). 

Click to see saylor019s.jpg Four unknown young men.

Click to see saylor020s.jpg Unknown lady.

Click to see saylor021s.jpg Unknown man.

Click to see saylor022s.jpg Unknown young man.

Click to see saylor023s.jpg Unknown soldier, appears to be around the time of WWI.

Click to see saylor024s.jpg Unknown children.

Click to see saylor025s.jpg Henry Stephen Saylor on the right, unknown young man on the left.

Click to see saylor026s.jpg Unknown class, Laurel County.

Click to see saylor027s.jpg Unknown family.

Click to see saylor028s.jpg Clarence "C.B." or "Kink" Harrison, teacher at a London area school

Click to see saylor029s.jpg Unknown class.

Click to see saylor030s.jpg London, 1875.

Click to see saylor031bs.jpg C.B. "Kink" Harrison, Matt E. Saylor, Henry Stephen Saylor, taken in Columbus, Ohio. Photo circa 1926.

Click to see saylor032s.jpg [From left to right] Henry Jefferson Saylor, Henry Steven "Steve" Saylor [boy], Henry Stephen "Henry" Saylor, Matt Edward Saylor. Photo circa 1948.

Click to see saylor033s.jpg Pearl Maxine Box Saylor Harrison (b. 1896) and Henry Stephen Saylor (b. 1916, d. 1997).

Click to see saylor034s.jpg Henry Jefferson Saylor and C.B. Harrison.

Click to see saylor035s.jpg The Stephen T. Box and Lucy Watkins Family-- On family farm on north and south side of Highway 80-- just west of Lida (Stephen buried in Rough Creek Cemetery...). [Back row, from left to right] Stephen T. Box, Jay Webster, Nora Lee Box Hysinger, Mae Box Webster, ?Virginia Box, Pearl Maxine Box Saylor Harrison, Clarence B. "Kink" Harrison. [Front row] Leonard Hysinger (from Mt. Vernon), Mr. Webster, Henry Stephen Saylor

Click to see saylor036s.jpg Matt E. Saylor (b. 1896)

Click to see saylor037s.jpg Henry Stephen Saylor (b. 1916).

Click to see saylor038s.jpg Click to see saylor039s.jpg Click to see saylor040s.jpg Leonard Box (b. 1913)

Click to see saylor041s.jpg Henry Stephen Saylor and Leonard Box, taken at the Box farm-- Rough Creek, Kentucky.

Click to see saylor042bs.jpg Click to see saylor043bs.jpg Henry Steven Saylor [boy], Lucy Watkins Box, Henry Stephen Saylor-- taken at Box farm, Rough Creek, Kentucky.

Click to see saylor044s.jpg [left to right] Pearl Maxine Box (b. 1896) and Mae Box (b. 1898)

Click to see saylor045s.jpg Click to see saylor046s.jpg Capt. Hank Saylor (pilot) in the B-26 Marauder "Mean Young' Un" which he frequently flew out of N. Africa-- 320th Bomb Group. This was the Group's first B-26 to complete 100 missions. See 320th Bomb Group web site.