Ride from Richmond, KY to Renfro Valley

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The loop route is in yellow on the map below. Scroll down to see all the information.
Map of Valley View area
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Follow the yellow route.
From Richmond to Renfro Valley (in yellow on map above)

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  1. Richmond, Kentucky (Wikipedia)
  2. Kit Carson (Wikipedia)
  3. Eastern Kentucky University (Wikipedia)
  4. Eastern Kentucky University (official website)

From Richmond to Berea
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  1. Battle of Richmond (Wikipedia)
  2. Battle of Richmond Association (their website)
  3. Battle of Richmond Visitor Center (official website)
  4. Blue Grass Army Depot (Wikipedia)

Map of Berea and Bighill, KY
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Follow the yellow route.
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  1. Berea, Kentucky (Wikipedia)
  2. Berea Tourism Center (official website)
  3. Kentucky Artisan Center (official website)
  4. Berea College (official website)
  5. Berea College (Wikipedia)
  6. Berea Craft Festival (official website)
  7. Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen (official website)
  8. Hiking the Pinnacles of Indian Fort Theater (official Facebook page)

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  1. Bighill, Kentucky (stub in Wikipedia)

Renfro Valley

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  1. Renfro Valley, Kentucky (Wikipedia)
  2. Renfro Valley Barn Dance (Wikipedia)
  3. Renfro Valley Gatherin' (Wikipedia)
  4. Kentucky Music Hall of Fame and Museum (official website)
  5. Renfro Valley Entertainment Center (official website)