Motorcycle Tour of Downtown Lexington, Kentucky

Copyrighted  2014 by DRC

View the annotated tour (Youtube) or watch the raw motorcycle footage (no text or photos).

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The following is a list of sites mentioned in the tour, in order visited, with informative links. For much more information, see the  Visit Lexington website.

Main Street

Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate

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  1. Ashland (Henry Clay Estate) (Wikipedia)
  2. Ashland (official website)
  3. Henry Clay (Wikipedia)

The Bell House (Bell Court)

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  1. Bell House (Lexington government webpage)

Clay Villa (Forest Ave.)

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  1. James Brown Clay (Wikipedia)

Thoroughbred Park

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  1. Thoroughbred Park (Triangle Park website)

Grosvenor Street

Pope Villa

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  1. Pope Villa (Wikipedia)
  2. Benjamin Henry Latrobe (Wikipedia)
  3. Pope Villa (Bluegrass Trust website)

Elm Tree Lane (Rose Street north of Main Street)

Lyric Theatre (Third and Elm Tree streets)

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  1. Lyric Theatre (official website)
  2. WoodSong's Old-Time Radio Hour (official website)
  3. WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour (Wikipedia)

Old Episcopal Burying Ground (across street from Lyric Theatre)

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Main Street

Kentucky Theatre

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  1. Kentucky Theatre (official website)
  2. Kentucky Theatre (Wikipedia)

Robert  F. Stephens Courthouses and Plaza

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Phoenix Park (other side of Main Street from Stephens courthouse plaza)

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 Old Lexington Courthouse complex

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  1. Lexington History Center (Wikipedia)
  2. John Hunt Morgan Memorial (Wikipedia)
  3. John Hunt Morgan (Wikipedia)
  4. Fayette County (Wikipedia)
  5. Lexington Farmers Market (official website)
  6. Thursday Night Live (Downtown Lexington website)
  7. John Cabell Breckinridge (Wikipedia)

Triangle Park and the Lexington Center complex

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  1. Triangle Park (official website)
  2. Lexington Center (official website)
  3. Rupp Arena (official website)
  4. Rupp Arena (Wikipedia)

Mary Todd Lincoln House

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  1. Mary Todd Lincoln House (Wikipedia)
  2. Mary Todd Lincoln (Wikipedia)

Short Street

Mary Todd Lincoln birth site

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Lexington Opera House

  1. Lexington Opera House (official website)
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North Broadway Street

Thomas Hunt Morgan House (North Broadway)

  1. Thomas Hunt Morgan (Wikipedia)
  2. Thomas Hunt Morgan (Nobel Prize website)
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Second Street

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John C. Breckinridge's Last Home

  1. John Cabell Breckinridge (Wikipedia) (repeat)
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Third Street

Hampton Court

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Third Street houses
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Transylvania University

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  1. Transylvania University (official website)
  2. Transylvania University (Wikipedia)
  3. Patterson Cabin (university website)
  4. Gideon Shryock architect of Old Morrison (Wikipedia)
  5. Constantine Rafinesque (Wikipedia)

Mill Street

Gratz Park Historic District

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  1. Gratz Park Historic District (Wikipedia)
  2. James Lane Allen (Wikipedia)
  3. Hunt-Morgan House (Wikipedia)
  4. Henry Clay (Wikipedia) (repeat)
  5. First Presbyterian Church (official website)
  6. First Presbyterian Church (Wikipedia)

Short Street


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Market Street

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  1. Christ Church Cathedral (official website)
  2. Christ Church Cathedral (Wikipedia)
  3. Carnegie Libraries (Carnegie Center) (Wikipedia)
  4. Bodley-Bullock House (Junior League website)

Main Street

Lexington Cemetery

  1. Lexington Cemetery (official website)
  2. Lexington Cemetery (Wikipedia)


  1. Botherum (Wikipedia)
  2. John McMurtry (architect) (Wikipedia)
  3. Jon Carloftis (official website)

Other downtown sites

High Street

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Maxwell Street

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North Limestone Street

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