The Black Dragon Loop

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The loop route is in yellow on the map below. Scroll down to see all the information.

Cumberland to Big Stone Gap
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The Black Dragon loop (50 miles)
This loop contains some very tight, steep curves along the slopes of Black Mountain, hence the name "Black Dragon." Please use caution and watch for traffic crossing the centerline and gravels on the pavement at mine entrances and intersections. If you post a video of your ride on Youtube, let me know and I'll post a link to it. Enjoy!

Cumberland, KY to Appalachia, VA on KY-160:

Cumberland, Kentucky

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Benham, Kentucky

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Lynch, Kentucky

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Black Mountain

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Appalachia, Virginia

VA-68 to Keokee and Black Mountain:

KY-38 from Black Mountain to Closplint and Louellen:

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KY-179 from Louellen to Cumberland: