Ride along the Wilderness Road in Southeastern Kentucky

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The loop route is in yellow on the map below. Scroll down to see all the information.

Wilderness Road in Southeastern Kentucky
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Cumberland Gap to Athens, Kentucky (southern part in yellow on map above)

Cumberland Gap



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Levi Jackson Wilderness Road State Park

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  1. Levi Jackson Wilderness Road State Park (Wikipedia)
  2. Levi Jackson Wilderness Road State Park (Kentucky State Parks)


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  1. London, Kentucky (Wikipedia)
  2. City of London (official website)
  3. London City Guide (official website)
  4. Laurel County Tourism (official website)
  5. World Chicken Festival (official website)
  6. Sue Bennett College (Wikipedia)
  7. Laurel County (Wikipedia)
  8. The Wilderness Road (Wikipedia)
  9. Laurel River Lake (Wikipedia)
  10. Sheltowee Trace Trail (Wikipedia)
  11. Silas House, writer (Wikipedia)
  12. Wildcat Harley Davidson (official webpage)

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Hazel Patch and Wildcat Mountain

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  1. Battle of Camp Wildcat (Wikipedia)
  2. Camp Wildcat Preservation Foundation (official website)
  3. Reenactment of the Battle of Camp Wildcat (official website)
  4. Wood Creek Lake (Wikipedia)
  5. Daniel Boone National Forest (Wikipedia)

Livingston area

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  1. Livingston, Kentucky (stub in Wikipedia)
  2. Rockcastle River Trading Company (Jon Carloftis website)
  3. Rockcastle River (Wikipedia)
  4. Henry Scaggs (Wikipedia)

Mt. Vernon

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  1. Mt. Vernon, Kentucky (Wikipedia)
  2. Great Saltpetre Cave (Wikipedia)
  3. Lake Linville (Wikipedia)

Renfro Valley

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  1. Renfro Valley, Kentucky (Wikipedia)
  2. Renfro Valley Barn Dance (Wikipedia)
  3. Renfro Valley Gatherin' (Wikipedia)
  4. Kentucky Music Hall of Fame and Museum (official website)
  5. Renfro Valley Entertainment Center (official website)

From Richmond to Berea

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  1. Battle of Richmond (Wikipedia)
  2. Battle of Richmond Association (their website)
  3. Battle of Richmond Visitor Center (official website)
  4. Blue Grass Army Depot (Wikipedia)


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  1. Richmond, Kentucky (Wikipedia)
  2. Kit Carson (Wikipedia)
  3. Eastern Kentucky University (Wikipedia)
  4. Eastern Kentucky University (official website)

Fort Boonesborough State Park

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  1. Fort Boonesborough State Park (Wikipedia)
  2. Fort Boonesborough State Park  (Ky. State Parks)
  3. Fort Boonesborough Living History 
  4. Daniel Boone (Wikipedia)
  5. Boonesborough, Kentucky (Wikipedia)

Holder's Station

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  1. John Holder Trail (Howard's Creek nature preserve above)
  2. Hall's On the River (official website)
  3. Kentucky River Palisades  (Wikipedia)
  4. Kentucky River (Wikipedia)
  5. Waterfront Restaurant and Lounge (official website)

Boone Station and Athens

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  1. Boone Station (Wikipedia)
  2. Boone Station (Ky. Dept. of Parks)
  3. Daniel Boone (Wikipedia)
  4. Athens, Kentucky (Wikipedia)