Ride along the Shakertown-Camp Nelson loop

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The loop route is in yellow on the map below. Scroll down to see all the information.
Map of area

The Shakertown-Camp Nelson loop (in yellow on map above)
Shakertown-Camp Nelson Loop kml file for GPS
Bethel Road-Glass Mill Road to Wilmore
Watch out for hidden, sharp curves and farm equipment.
  1. Primate Rescue Center (official website)
  2. Primate Rescue Center (Wikipedia)

Wilmore, Kentucky
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  1. Wilmore, Kentucky (Wikipedia)
  2. Asbury University (Wikipedia)
  3. Asbury University (official website)
detour on High Bridge Road (Rt. 29) to Highbridge
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  1. High Bridge (Wikipedia)
  2. High Bridge, Kentucky (Wikipedia)
  3. aerial-drone video of High Bridge (Youtube)
  4. Highbridge Spring Water (official website)
US 68 from Wilmore exit to Shakertown
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  1. Kentucky River Palisades (Wikipedia)
Good place to visit and to eat (make a reservation).
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  1. Shakertown (Pleasant Hill) (Wikipedia)
  2. Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill (official website)
Ky 33 to Burgin
You can see the E.W. Brown generation plant from miles away.
  1. The Kickstand motorcycle shop in Burgin (official website)

Kennedy Bridge Road (Ky 152) to US 27
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  1. Herrington Lake (Wikipedia)
US 27 to Camp Nelson and Bethel Road
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  1. Camp Nelson National Cemetery (Wikipedia)
  2. Camp Nelson National Cemetery (Dept. of Veterans Affairs website)
  3. Camp Nelson Civil War Heritage Park (Wikipedia)
  4. Camp Nelson Civil War Heritage Park (official website)
Visit also
  1. Harrodsburg (Wikipedia)
  2. Fort Harrod (Wikipedia)
  3. Old Fort Harrod State Park (Kentucky State Parks website)
  4. Beaumont Inn (official website)

  1. Danville (Wikipedia)
  2. Centre College (Wikipedia)
  3. Centre College (official website)
  1. Lancaster (Wikipedia)

  1. Nicholasville (Wikipedia)