Rural Kentucky Scenes

Plus a few scenes from Virginia, Tennessee and the Carolinas

By Don Chesnut, Sr.
Copyright by Don Chesnut, Sr., 2013 [chesnut<at>]

Scenes are in Kentucky unless otherwise indicated.

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Barn-like store in Portersburg, Clay Co., owned by William Harrison Porter (b. 1847). Granddaughter Nora Benge Chesnut clerked there before she got married.

House in Clay Co. on 80.

Morgan Mill, Tennessee (where is this?), another view of mill house, another view, mill wheel. Barns at Morgan Mill; fence post

Brick barn at Sue Bennett College, London, Laurel Co. (barn no longer exists), another view, doors to barn, door, road to barn, vine on barn, another viewold vine on stone, vines on wall, barn in fog, another view, barn in snow, another view, yet another, closer view, another view, distant view, another view, barn in fog, field with hay stacks in fog, hay rake, spider web, morning glory, another view, field with grass and ironweed?, view of field, Queen Anne's Lace, Ironweed?, another view,

Skyline Drive, London, Laurel Co., Dogwood berries, leaves on road, wood fungus, Teaberry, Passion Flower, another view, another view, mower and tree at Bill Griffin's barn, tree roots at his barn, old tree, milkweed, another view, closer view, grass heads, Skyline Drive, Dogwood, close up, dogwood flowers, dogwoods in bloom, leaf in winter, another leaf, another view, periwinkle and pine cone, same view, another view, crab apple in bloom, crab apple blossoms, Redbud, Red Maple, house, morning glory, same view, another view, yet another, chickory, chickory and grass, same view, birdhouse, same view,

Scarecrow at Pawley's Island, South Carolina, inn at the island,

J. E. Jones farm, Laurel Co., field and barn, house, hay rake,

House in Clay Co., close to Owsley Co., another view, another house on same drive, yet another house, corn crib or springhouse?, house with red columns,

House on West 80, west of London, Laurel Co., same house, Mountain Laurel in bloom, another view, another view, more laurel, yet more,

Farm house just off West 80 close to Laurel and Pulaski County line, but on Pulaski Co. side, owner and house, shed with antique tools, closer view of tools, more tools, barn, hay rake, grinding stones, fossils and other artifacts, gates, old Chevrolet, foggy view of farm, another view,

Barn on West 80 just west of London, Laurel Co., house in Sinking Creek? area (West 80, Laurel Co.), elderly lady's old barn off of West 80 (Laurel Co.), tire swing at same place, another view, house off of West 80 in Laurel or Pulaski Co., another view, yet another, house on West 80,

Old barn in northeastern Laurel Co., closer view with logs, another view,

Gary Payne's-grandmother's house on East 80 close to new highschool, Laurel Co., another view, another view of house, side of house, seed-planter on back porch, water well, out building, outhouse, flat seeds, her barn, another view, yet another, barns and fence, another view, close view,

House, not sure where,

Barn and field in Clay Co., house with bouncy bridge in Clay Co., barn with diagonal planking (East 80, Clay Co.), red-roofed house on East 80 east of Manchester, another house in eastern Clay, old doll, tombstone, "Keep Crawdad Judge" sign, scarecrow, old house close to Brightshade (between Brightshade and Gooserock), another view, 

Old house at Sallys Branch, eastern Laurel Co. near Ponderosa shooting range, another view, ironweed along fence, another view, goldenrod, more flowers, cardinal flower and goldenrod, white flowers,

Tobacco barn for flu-cured tobacco, somewhere near Conway or Florence, South Carolina, wood-shake barn, another view, barn, another view, tobacco and barn, outhouse covered with trumpet vine, swamp, owner of farm, old Pepsi sign, another wood-shake barn, another view, yet another, view through barn, barn and barrel, tall barn, hay rake in barn, farmhouse, house and pond, tobacco in barn, old barn, another view,

Old two-room school house in Owsley Co.,

Old house (where?), another view,

Barn near I-75 close to the new St. Joseph hospital in London, Laurel Co., close up with mower, coal and iron-stained gravel,

L&N caboose at London depot and railyard, Laurel Co., London Depot, support beam, light fixture, another view, old poster, bent nails, bottles and yard-sale sign,

Back of old house off West 80 in Laurel Co., but close to Pulaski Co. (belongs to whittler), front, owner, side of house, another view of his farm, harness in barn, inside the barn, donkey in barn, the barn, tractor, owner of the farm,

Octagonal barn, not in Kentucky (where?),

Swinging bridge in Clay, Owsley or Leslie County, another view, under the bridge, another view, another swinging bridge,

House with two porches, Laurel Co.,

House in Rockcastle Co., near I-75, another view, side of house, barn, another view, two barns,

Pond south of South London exit near I-75, Laurel Co., pond and barn, another view, barn reflection, another view, yet another view, view with flowers, pond, another viewflowers, yellow flowers, more flowers,

Hidaway Farm, Bourbon Co., home of Buck and Sally Hinkle, another view, side view, playhouse,

Covered bridge in Bourbon Co., another view, front of bridge, another view, interior view, another view,

Joe Pye Weed (where?), Ironweed and Joe Pye, Cardinal Flower, another view, Goldenrod and Jewelweed, Ironweed, another view,

Old historical barn, belongs to Sally Hinkle's sister (Spear family) in Bourbon Co., log inner barn, another view, view of house from barn, the house,

Old barn with tobacco, Laurel Co.,

Purple and yellow wildflower, white and yellow flowers, wooden ear fungus,

Farmhouse on West 80 in Pulaski Co., another view, yet another view, red barn,

Tobacco barn, West 80 in western Laurel Co., another view, housed tobacco, owner of farm, barn with tobacco, barn and pond,

Old house
(where?), grass in field, more grass, back-lit grass, another view,

Yellow flowers on sandstone in western Laurel Co., another view, chicory, another view, mint family, grasshopper on thistle leaf, butterfly,

Old house (where?),

tobacco in barn, Laurel Co.?, another view,

Blue barn in Clay Co., closer view,

Sawmill near Tyner, Jackson Co., loading logs, another view, unloading from truck, logging trucks, sawing planks, naked sawblade, sawing log, rotating log with peavey or cant dog, another view, saw shed, another view, shoveling sawdust, closer view, overview, another view, yet another, closer view, piles of logs,

Blue flowers close to barber shop on Manchester Street, London, Laurel Co., Rue Anemone (where?),

WPA-built schoolhouse
in Clay Co., this side of Oneida (London side), schoolhouse and Redbud, doorway to school, view through door, another view, yet another, Redbud, another view, more Redbuds, another view,

Empty house in eastern Laurel Co., close to Clay, closer view, another view, side view, nearby leaning barn with wood shakes, another view, yet another, view through barn, another view of barn,

Field flowers
near old schoolhouse close to Bond, Jackson Co., Phlox and yellow flower, more Phlox, flowers next to stream, flowers and distant barn, old schoolhouse, another view,

House in Clay or Owsley Co., door, chimney, closer view,

House and cedar in Clay or Owsley Co., another view,

House with tin roof and straw on porch (where?),

Inhabited house in northern Clay Co., another view,

Penn's Store near Casey and Boyle Counties line, another view, yet another view, front view, another view, more distant view, store and shed, soft-drink signs, Mr. Penn, another view, Mr. Penn and stove, check-out counter, stove, Mr. Penn's house, another view, barn, wildflowers, closer view,

Yellow flowers (where?), other yellow flowers, small yellow flowers,

Yellow flowers in London, Laurel Co., on bypass close to Laurel Grocery.

Blackberry bramble (where?), blackberry flowers, yellow flowers, Foxglove?, variety of wildflowers, yellow flowers,

Horseback ride to Hensley Settlement, Cumberland Gap National Park, Bell Co. with Johnny Carpenter, native azaleas and old fence, one of the cabins, barn, through the window, from inside, out building, building and split-rail fence, building, another cabin, another view, chicken coup, close up, barn, another view, split-rail fence, close up, daisies at fence, day lilies, gate, daisies, yellow flowers, flowers, steeply-dipping sandstone beds, another view, top of sandstone rock, another view, native rhododendron, close up, another view, yet another, Johnny Carpenter and his large-format camera, Sand Cave, another view, other side, dipping sandstone bed, back of cave, sand floor,

Swinging bridge, probably Owsley Co., another view,

Black-eyed Susans, flowers along creek, another view, close up, day lily, another view, yet another, Trumpet Vine, Thistle, thistles, Sweet Pea, another view,  pink flower, mixed flowers, more flowers, sweet pea, white flower, mint family, Butter-and-Eggs, close up, another view,

John Delph Barbershop, Manchester St., London, Laurel Co., hair treatments, another view, close up,

Log house, Clay Co., closer view, another view, yet another, owner of the house, back of house, window,

House with red porch furniture (where?), front of house, rooster on porch, close up, chimney,

Trumpet vine (probably Pearl St., London), white and pink flowers, morning glory, cicada shell, mud cracks on Warehouse St., another view, yellow flower, pea, Jewelweed, another view, close up, another view, staghorn sumac (shoemake), pine cone, more cones, white seed head, another head, elderberry?, feathery seed head, Goldenrod seed head, another view,

Swiss Catholic church in East Bernstadt, Laurel Co., another view, same view, another view, yet another, more distant view, cemetery behind church, another view, same view, church in Spring, another view, another view, close up, salt dendrites,

Redbuds and wrought-iron fence near the Dyche cemetery, London, Laurel Co.,

Yellow Trillium, probably Little Falls, Laurel Co.,

Eversole cabin, near Chavies, Perry Co., the oldest building in eastern Kentucky, same view, similar view, same, more distant view, chimney, porch, washing machine, brace-and-bit and half dove-tail joints, different joint, Eversole descendants,

Cowan Mill near Ewing, VA (photo trip with Johnny Carpenter), similar view, same view, same, yet again, another, new point of view, view from across the creek, another mill on same creek?,

Red barn, off I-75 in Tennessee?

Chicory along fence, Johnny Jump Ups, close up, same view,

Oliver Harrison's Shoe Shop, London, Laurel Co., Oliver with boots, Oliver with Wayne Reep, stitching machine, customer, buffer machine, staining, attaching sole, stretchers, brown boot, coffee time, same view, glueing sole, on phone, buffing stain, buffing boots, buffing lace-ups, stitching sole, shaping sole, brown boot, lace-up boots, holster, nailing sole, stitching white shoes, work on sole, dark-brown boots, applying glue,

Thomas Asher tombstone (son of John Asher and Elizabeth Murphy), cemetery near Redbird, Clay Co.,

The Young House, Fifth St., London, Laurel Co.,

House on North Mill St., London, Laurel Co., another view,

House on road to Sinking Creek, Laurel Co., another view,

Barn close to new St. Joseph Hospital, Laurel Co., closer view,

House near Renfro Valley and I-75, Rockcastle Co., closer view, chimney, closer view, house and well pump, another view, pump, same view,

Buckeye Christian Church, Rockcastle Co., another view, front of church,

Farm next to interstate just south of Athens Exit, Fayette Co.,

Black barn across from Jacobson Park, Fayette Co.,

Rockcastle River from bridge on Bond-Tyner Road at Laurel-Jackson Counties line (south of Peoples), another view, reflecting water, another view, yet another,

Rockshelter on West 80, Laurel Co. near Pulaski Co.,

Torn hornets' nest (where?),

Knob near Bighill, Madison Co.,

Tobacco barn full of tobacco near Oneida in Clay or Owsley Co., another barn from same area, Nehi sign,

Stripping cane at Nicholson Sorghum Mill, Laurel Co. on way to Tyner on Ky-30, stripping cane, another view, evaporating sap to make sorghum, tending evaporating pans, another view, yet another, similar view, yet another, close up, filtering and decanting sorghum, another view,

Elk Lick Baptist Church between Booneville and Tyner, Owsley Co., another view, similar view, view with flowers, closer view, another view, yet another, church and side building,

House near Oneida, Owsley Co., house with three gables, Owsley Co., another view,

House near London, Laurel Co., closer view, similar view, owner on porch, flowers, more flowers,

Out building, probably Clay Co.,

Shooting peejibs, another view, London, Laurel Co.,

White house with flag, off of East 80 toward Langnau, Laurel Co., another view, closer view, porch and flag, another view, same view, another view,

Old house about an hour's drive southwest of London (perhaps Pulaski, Wayne or McCreary Co.?), same view, similar view, another view, worn planking, similar view, old plank,

House and cedars in Clay or Owsley Co., closer view,

House in thicket (where?), same view,

Playing organ, Henderson farm in Pulaski? Co. during quail hunt, closer view, another view, grandfather clock, grand piano,

Swinging bridge, north of Oneida, Clay or Owsley Co.,

Fall Rock Post Office just north of Manchester, Clay Co.,

Swinging bridge, probably Owsley Co.,

House and fall colors on East 80 in Clay Co.,

Two-room schoolhouse (where?), KY

Thousandsticks Post Office (original location), near Hyden, Leslie Co.,

House close to Berea, Madison Co.,

London Dry Goods, Main St., London, Laurel Co., window, Joe Havens (right) and friend at desk, Joe, another view, at desk with adding machine, overview, clothing rack, boxes on counters, clothing rack at front, bolts of cloth, manakins for undies, another view, garter belts, another view, wooden desk and chair, another desk, typewriter, counters, desk and typewriter, sample case, another view, case and adding machine,

Paul Ott's Grocery, Bernstadt (Swiss Colony), Laurel Co., Bud Ott, inside the store,

House on US-25 near Madison Co., another view, another house in same area, another view, yet another, flowers on fence line, similar view, another view, closer view, another view, yet another, white house in same area, closer view,

Bryantsville Bank, Bryantsville, Garrard Co., another view, big white house in same area, another view,

Reda Theatre, Main St., London, Laurel Co., overview, marquee, another view, closer view, yet another, close up, another view, ticket booth, another view, close up, red R, another view, yellow light bulbs, another view, yet another, red bulbs,

Hair House sign, Laurel Co., another view,

Disking on Paul Gilbert's farm, east of London, Laurel Co., team of mules pulling a drag, another view, yet another, another view, pulling  a plow, Mr. Gilbert, mules, Mr. Gilbert and mules, another view, yet another, yet another, another, Mr. Gilbert and plow, home-made plow, similar view, another view, yet another, same view,

Cornett's Chapel Christian Church, Laurel or Jackson Co., same view, side view, back view, inside, attendance, piano, closer view, even closer, music, flowers,

House with sagging porch roof, side view,

Mail Pouch barn on Bond-Tyner road, Laurel Co., almost in Jackson Co., another view, yet another, another view, similar view, same view, closer view,

Horse farm near Winnchester, Clark Co., another view, closer view, another view, similar view, sinkhole,

Goddard White Bridge, Fleming Co., front of covered bridge, similar view, another view, church from inside bridge, more distant view, similar view, closer, side view, church bell and bridge, another view, church and bell, church,

Redbud and Service (Sarvis) on West 80, Laurel Co., redbud, another view, yet another, same view, close up, even closer,

Redbuds on East 80 near Manchester, Clay Co., another view, closer view,

Red barn and field of yellow flowers (where?),

Sizerock, Bullskin and Hell For Certain, Leslie Co., closer view,

Cabin near Sizerock, Leslie Co., signs on rock, farm close to Sizerock (Walters?), same view, another view, similar view, same view, two barns, same view, same again, similar, closer view, barn and well, same view, closer view, similar view, same view, similar view, another view, yet another view, boy on bicycle, girl and post,  basketball goal, similar view, closer view, another view, same view, overview, close-up of door, closer, similar view, another view, tractor, wagon with firewood, redbud and picket fence, same view, same, another view, same view, same, another view, same view, closer, same view, same, another view, same view, Phlox on sandstone outcrop, closer view,

Creek in Madison or Fayette Co., same view, Sycamore, same view, closer view, same view,

Swiss Colony Church, Bernstadt, Laurel Co., another view,

Church (where?),

Church near Lexington, Fayette Co.,

Twin Branch Methodist Church, Laurel Co., closer view, another view,

White church in Laurel Co., funeral for Charlie Gains, another view, front view, closer view,

Ruddles Mill Methodist Church, Harrison Co., Silas Baptist Church in Cynthiana, Harrison Co., another view, stained-glass window, inside the church, Mt. Carmel Christian Church (Cynthiana?), another view,

Church (where?), flowers inside church (where?), closer view, stained glass (where?)

Church in Bourbon Co.?,

Christian Church on Main St., London, Laurel Co., similar view, another view, similar view, different time of day,