Beijing, China 2006

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16 June 2006, Friday

We arrived in Beijing (from Guilin) sometime in the afternoon. A conference bus was waiting for us and took us to the Shaoyuan Hotel on the Beijing University campus. At the hotel we registered for the 2nd International Palaeontological Congress ( Then we attended the reception nearby. After the reception, we went to our hotel and registered for our suite. We stayed at the Beijing Resource Yanyuan Hotel, also known as the Ziyuan Hotel, about a block from the university campus.

17 June 2006, Saturday

The conference opening ceremony was held in PKU Hall. I attended conference sessions throughout the week. Meanwhile, Anne, Mary and Nora went on daily field trips around Beijing.

18 June 2006, Sunday

Father's Day: the girls gave me a bottle of rice whiskey with a snake in it. They had bought it in Guilin and kept it in their luggage. The girls were able to take it back home when they left China and I still have it.

Congress Banquet, Friendship Hotel

19 June 2006, Monday

I attended a tour of the Beijing Museum of Natural History ( and the Geological Museum of China ( I donated specimens of the Pentremites conoideus from Kentucky to both museums.

20 June 2006, Tuesday

We met our old friend Gejun Lee (Lee Gejun) and had dinner with him. He is with the Chengjiang Station of Palaeontology (Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology). Gejun had stayed with us in Kentucky years ago.

21 June 2006, Wednesday

This was the last day of the conference sessions. I mailed my poster presentation home.

22 June 2006, Thursday

I had to get up early in order to leave for my Tibet field trip. But this was Mary's birthday as well.

I walked to the Shaoyuan Hotel on campus and met the others who were attending the Tibetan field trip. We were taken to the Beijing airport and boarded China Air flight 4112 to Lhasa. The flight left at 9:30AM.

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