Field Camp in the Bavarian Alps, Germany, 1972

by Don Chesnut ©2005

The field camp was part of the academic program in geology at the Frei Universitat Berlin. Dr. Liedholz led the camp. John Hopkins and I came from Kentucky to attend the camp during the summer of 1972. We flew from Kentucky to Munich, took a series of trains from Munich to Oberstdorf (Google Map), took a mail truck to Tiefenbach (Google Map) and walked the rest of the way to Alois Florens farmhouse (Google Map) to meet up with the rest of the field camp. When I arrived at the Munich airport, I realized that someone had stolen all my money from my backpack; all I had was seventeen cents. Luckily, John Hopkins was with me and he very generously loaned me money to pay for everything until I could get some money wired to me. Unfortunately, my money didn't get to me until field camp was over. Instead of coming back to Kentucky after camp, I took a train from Munich to Berlin, met some friends I had made in field camp, and paid the professor the money I owed him. I stayed with friends for several weeks in West Berlin and traveled all over East and West Berlin. In addition, the professor invited me to have dinner with his family. I had a very nice time in Germany and thought the people were wonderful. Thank you to everyone. The following is my account of the trip.  Or you may just want to view the photographs in the thumbnail directory (no maps or descriptions).

Field Mapping

Day Excursions

My trip to Berlin

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