Danube-Black Sea Cruise, 2004

Romania, Bulgaria (България), Serbia (Србија) and Hungary (Magyarország)

In October 2004, my Mom and Dad and I took a Vantage river cruise (http://www.vantagetravel.com/) on the Danube River and the Black Sea. I was their guest. We visited Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary. The following is a visual account of our trip. I used a Nikon N80 film camera with a 28-105mm-D lens and Kodacolor 400 film, and my daughter's Nikon Coolpix 2100 digital camera for these photos. Or you may just want to view the photographs in the thumbnail directory (no maps or descriptions).

Photographs © copyrighted by Don Chesnut, 2004; all rights reserved

6 October

We drove to the Cincinnati airport in northern Kentucky and took a United flight to Chicago. Then we flew Lufthansa to Frankfurt, Germany.

7 October

We arrived in Frankfurt and took another Lufthansa flight to Bucharest, Romania. Here, we went through customs and immigration. We were met by the Vantage tour people and driven to the Marriott Grand Hotel in Bucharest by evening.

Bucharest (Bucureşti)

8 October

Bucharest (Bucureşti), half-day tour

from Bucharest to the Danube

Olteniţa and our boat

Romanian Folklore Entertainment, Ansamblul “Baladele Deltei”

9 October

We arrive at Cernavodă and drive by bus to Constanţa to see Roman ruins and the Black Sea.

After visiting Constanţa, we returned to Cernavodă, embarked and headed up the Danube.

10 October

We arrived and docked at Ruse (Pyce), Bulgaria (България) and boarded buses headed for Arbanassi and Veliko Turnovo, to the south.

Arbanassi (Aрбанаси)

Veliko Turnovo (Велико Търново)

11 October

The Danube, Ruse to Iron Gates; cruising upriver all day.

12 October

We arrived at Beograd (Београд), Serbia (Србија) and took a bus tour of the village, Kovacica, about 40 km north of Beograd.

We toured several art exhibits, houses and a church at Kovacica.

Beograd (Београд)

We head for Hungary (Magyarország)

13 October

We arrived at Bezdan and go through customs. At Mohács, we depart the boat and board buses to Kalocsa, Hungary (Magyarország).


We got back on the boat at Kalocsa that night and departed for Budapest.

14 October

We arrive at Budapest and take the following pictures of the Buda side from the boat.

Then we toured the city by bus.



Mom, Dad and I ate at Gundel's Restaurant on this evening. Gundel's is near Heroes' Square. For more information, see this external link for Gundel Restaurant

15 October

We took the bus tour to Hollókő, about 60 km northeast of Budapest.

Back on the boat we had our Farewell Dinner.

After dinner we had Hungarian Folklore Entertainment with Gyula Horváth and Gipsy Fantasy Band

After the entertainment, I took a walk along the Pest side of the Danube River. I used my daughter's small digital camera and didn't have a tripod to take the low-light photos;,hence, they are fuzzy.

16 October

It rained all day. We toured the Parliament Building (Országház) in the morning.

After lunch, I walked from the boat, docked near Liberty Bridge, to the City Park (Városliget), via Andrássy Ut. It rained all the way. I used my daughter's small digital camera for this walk (I could keep it dry in my pocket).

17 October

We got up early, the tour bus took us to the airport and we made our succession of flights (three flights) to home. We went west, following the sun, so we made it back all in one long day.