England and Wales, Spring, 1986

by Don Chesnut 2005


Jim and I flew from Kentucky to England, caught a train to London, and found two rooms to rent near the Marble Arch underground station. We spent several days walking all over London on both sides of the river. We went to the British Museum, Museum of London, Museum of Natural History, Museum of Geology, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, and a bunch of other places. The following is my account of this trip and links to photographs. Or you may just want to view the photographs in the thumbnail directory (no maps or descriptions).

Cathedral, Stonehenge and Bath

Jim and I took a Greyline tour of Salisbury Cathedral, Stonehenge and Bath. Because of the cold, rainy weather and time of the year, there were only five people on the large tour bus. There were two ladies from Australia, an Indian tour guide learning about England and Jim and I on the tour.

Coal Geology Conference at Royal Holloway and Bedford College

This was quite an impressive place. We each had a room with a fireplace (and we needed it). We had a reception in an Art Museum at the college. The college is part of the University of London; I believe the name for the college has changed.

Field Trip on the Geology of Coal-Bearing Rocks of South Wales

After attending another coal conference at the University of Keele, Jim and I went on this very interesting field trip to South Wales.


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