Geology and fossils in Kentucky and adjacent states

The Mississippi and Ohio Rivers during the drought of 1988, with Paul Potter

Field work in the Jackson Purchase area with Bill Olive, John Kiefer, Gene Amaral and Jack Masters

Jackson Purchase area, Kentucky Geological Society Field Trip 1972

Pine Mountain State Park, view from Chain Rock

Old quarry in Livingston Conglomerate, Rockcastle County

Laurel Lake Spillway

Breaks Interstate Park

Frenchburg North outcrops

Cave Branch area

Gregoryville area, I-64

Pikeville, Model City cut

Fieldwork in McCreary County

Fieldwork in Letcher County

Fieldwork in Harlan County

Miscellaneous fieldwork


Archaeological dig, 1982 near Winchester

Hazel Patch sandstone, I-75 and vicinity

Cumberland Gap and Cumberland Mountain area

Stevens Hill, Chester Series, western Kentucky, May 1988

Field Trip to Illinois Basin, 1988

Field work in Western Kentucky Coal Field, 1988

Field work in the Cumberland Saddle near Burkesville, late 1990's

Field trip with Tradewater Working Group, 1989: Whetstone Quarry

Field trip with Tradewater Working Group, 1990: Turkey Foot Creek State Park

Pound Gap

AA Highway, northeastern Kentucky, Spring 1998

Middlesboro astrobleme

US 25E between Pineville and Barboursville

International Carboniferous Congress, 1979 Field Trip in Kentucky

US80 between London and Somerset

Cave, BBC Making of a Continent, filming at Short Creek, Pulaski County, 1985

Raven Run

Okeefenokee Swamp, 1983

Olive Hill flint clay

Fire Clay coal and the Hell for Certain tonstein

West Virginia to Georgia coal field trip, GSA Atlanta meeting 1985

Sloans Valley Cave, a number of visits

Kentucky River Palisades

Argentina glaciation, files also copied to Argentina folder

KGS Paleontology lab, brand new

Falls of the Ohio, during the Drought of 1988; also very hot, about 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and lots of dead and decaying fish

Arthrodire fish locality, Upper Devonian black shale, northeastern Kentucky

Mississippian geology, ca 1982

Ordovician fossils from Kentucky

Silurian and Devonian fossils from Kentucky

Mississippian fossils from Kentucky

Mississippian echinoderms, Sloans Valley member, Masters Thesis

Mississippian vertebrate fossils, holocephalian and chondrichthyan fish fossils from the Slade Formation of eastern Kentucky

General invertebrate fossils, not from Kentucky

Pennsylvanian vertebrate fossils

Pennsylvanian marine zones in eastern Kentucky

Pennsylvanian marine fossils

Pennsylvanian plant fossils

Vertical tree stump, Inez Bypass, 1986

Upper Path Fork coal balls, 1980

Pipe-organ plant structures (pictures by Jim Cobb and Don Chesnut all mixed up) [1987]

Big Bone Lick, 1964

Big Bone Lick inventory, Nebraska State Museum, February 1995, grant from Kentucky Parks Department

Cenozoic and Quaternary mammals, Nebraska State Museum, not Big Bone Lick material, but of general interest

Modern fauna and flora

Hiking and Camping

Coal Resource Group, Kentucky Geological Survey, ca 1985

KGS staff 1995

MS officemates, mid-1970's