Geological Society of America/Geological Society of London Earth System Processes Meeting, Edinburgh, Scotland

by Don Chesnut 2005

The following is my account of the trip with links to photographs. Or you may just want to view the photographs in the thumbnail directory (no maps or descriptions).

St. Andrews, June 23

  1. view of old golf course from the university
  2. Golfing society near the university
  3. Royal and Ancient Golf Club in background
  4. golf course
  5. the old golf course
  6. same
  7. near the golf course
  8. view of bay and North Sea, where part of Chariots of Fire was filmed
  9. Geologic Wall
  10. the plaque about the Wall
  11. North Sea and tilted beds as the seashore, taken from The Aquarium
  12. dipping coastal beds and the North Sea, taken from castle
  13. monument
  14. Robert Chamber's house, played prominent role in developing evolution hypotheses (later to become the Theory of Evolution)
  15. St. Andrews University Chapel, near spot where reformer, Patrick Hamilton was burned
  16. St. Andrews University
  17. another view
  18. "The Pends," 14th-century gatehouse
  19. St. Regulus Cathedral, 12th-century
  20. the same
  21. yet another view
  22. the same cathedral yard
  23. another view of the same
  24. the Bishop's Castle, ca 1200
  25. Bishop's Castle
  26. same place


  1. Scottish Lime Centre Trust, making lime cement, Charlestown was founded by the Earl of Elgin (of Elgin Marbles fame)
  2. dock on Firth of Forth
  3. limekilns
  4. limekilns

Day trips around Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle

  1. Esplanade
  2. Gatehouse
  3. Argyle Battery
  4. New Barracks and Governor's House
  5. slope, uphill from Argyle Battery
  6. Foog's Gate??
  7. Scottish National War Memorial
  8. interior of the castle
  9. Elizabeth and a suit of armor
  10. overlooking Portcullis Gate
  11. another view over the Gate
  12. giant cannon in front of St. Margaret's Chapel


  1. Palace of Holyroodhouse
  2. another view of palace
  3. Holyrood Abbey
  4. the Abbey
  5. another view of the Abbey
  6. the Abbey
  7. the Abbey
  8. another view
  9. garden walk, Holyrood House
  10. the garden walk
  11. Salisbury Craig? and Palace of Holyroodhouse

view from Aaron Guesthouse, Edinburgh

another view from the guesthouse

Stirling, the Trossachs and Loch Katrine, June 25

Stirling Castle

  1. Statue of Robert the Bruce
  2. view of Royal Apartments from the Queen Anne Garden
  3. the Royal Apartments
  4. staircase to Royal Apartments
  5. view of King's Knot garden, 1627
  6. wall at Douglas Garden
  7. view from the wall at Douglas Garden
  8. view of cemetery and Wallace monument from Nether Bailey
  9. Palace
  10. Great Hall, note the cream-colored "lime hurl," recreated at the Lime Centre
  11. Great Hall
  12. inside the Great Hall
  13. stained glass in the Great Hall
  14. view of Nether Bailey and ammunition magazines
  15. ammunition magazines at Nether Bailey
  16. view of National Wallace monument from the castle, Andrew McMillan on the left
  17. another view of the Wallace monument

Old Stirling Bridge

National Wallace Monument

  1. view of the tower
  2. closer view of the monument
  3. view of carselands of Forth, Forth River, tidally influenced,  from the top of the monument
  4. meander of the Forth River, from the top of the monument
  5. view of fault scarp from the top of the monument

Hike above University of Stirling

  1. hike up a hill from the University of Stirling
  2. Foxgloves or Digitalis with bonnie wee lass (says her Father)
  3. Devonian fluvial sandstone, on hike above the University
  4. another view of the sandstone

Loch Katrine (rained most of the time), Rob Roy territory

  1. the steamboat, Sir Walter Scott
  2. the steamboat
  3. Loch Katrine, in the rain

The Trossachs mountains

  1. view of the mountains in the rain and clouds
  2. another view of the mountains, houses in foreground

My big weeklong fieldtrip to northern Scotland was cancelled due to government restrictions related to Hoof and Mouth Disease. The girls were scheduled to spend the week in London during my field trip. I decided to join them on their London trip.

Train ride to London, direct

  1. field of yellow rapeseed, which is used to make canola oil
  2. view from our car on the train
  3. another view out the window
  4. coastal village view, where is it?
  5. passing the time
  6. cards