Guilin, China 2006

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We went to Guilin, China to attend the A2 Pre-Congress Excursion of the 2nd International Palaeontological Congress. The field trip guidebook was...

Ma Sueping; Chen Daizhao; and Yin Baoan, 2006, The Devonian of the Guilin-Xiangzhou area, South China: Stratigraphy and Sedimentology. The Second International Palaeontological Congress, June 17-21, 2006, Beijing, China. Guide Book for Field Excursion A2, 35 p.

8 June 2006, Thursday

In the evening, Anne, Mary, Nora and I drove from Lexington to Erlanger, Kentucky and stayed as the Comfort Inn.

9 June 2006, Friday

In the morning, we took the hotel shuttle to the Cincinnati airport in northern Kentucky and boarded United flight 5823 to Chicago at 9:30 AM. In Chicago, we boarded United flight 835 to Shanghai at 12:23 PM. On this flight we flew within 40 miles of the North Pole.

10 June 2006, Saturday

We arrived at Shanghai, China at about 3:55 PM and boarded China Eastern flight 5381 to Guilin at 6:45 PM and arrived in Guilin at about 9:00 PM. Some of the fieldtrip leaders were at the airport waiting for us and took us to the Hotel Universal Guilin.

11 June 2006, Sunday

We had breakfast at the hotel and then went out for a walk around Guilin.

After lunch, Nora and Mary had their hair cut and styled in the beauty shop at the hotel. The girls had a head massage and I had a back massage there.

Then we went for a walk across the bridge to the other side of the river.

12 June 2006, Monday

We got up early and had breakfast with the field trip group in the hotel. After breakfast, we boarded a chartered bus and drove about 200 km south of Guilin to the Dale (da-le) area.

Stop 1: Yingtang (p. 6-9).

Stop 3: Baqi village (p.10-11; we did the stop out of order).

Stop 2: Guche village (p. 9-10; out of order)

13 June 2006, Tuesday

Drive to field area

First stop: Zhongnan village (Stop 4 of Day 4; out of order because of heavy rain and high water; p. 29-30)

Second stop: Fuhe (Stop 5 of Day 4, out of order because of heavy rain, p. 30-33).

Third stop: Tieshan (Stop 2 of Day 2, out of order, p. 14-15).

Fourth stop

14 June 2006, Wednesday

Stop 1: we tried to get to this stop, but the area was flooded and we couldn't get to the outcrop (p.15-17).

Another stop: we walked a muddy path to another flooded area and we couldn't get to the outcrop. We looked at some exposures along the walk back.

Stop 2: Etoucun (p. 18-19); platform carbonates of the Upper Devonian Etoucun Formation and Lower Carboniferous Shangyueshan Formation.

Drive to stop 3: quick stop next to highway

Stop 3: Nanbiancun, Devonian-Carboniferous Boundary stratotype candidate (p. 20-24).

Stop 4: Reed-Flute Cave (p. 24)

15 June 2006, Thursday

Stop 1: Boat excursion down the Li River (p. 25-26); Zhujiang to Yangshuo; most of the pinnacle karst is in the Upper Devonian Rongxian Formation, a platform carbonate.

Stop 2: Yangshuo petrol station; Devonian carbonate platform collapse with megabreccias (p. 26-27).

Stop 3: Baisha; Frasnian to Famenian, basin to carbonate platform transitions and sea level changes (p. 27-28).

16 June 2006, Friday

We got up, had breakfast at the hotel and then checked out. Then we boarded our bus and went to the airport. We flew on Hainan Airlines flight 7216 to Beijing which left Guilin at 12:55 PM.


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