Weekend Getaway Roadtrip: London, Kentucky

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Map of London
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For a Weekend Getaway centered on London, Kentucky

  1. London, Kentucky (Wikipedia)
  2. City of London (official website)
  3. London City Guide (official website)
  4. Laurel County Tourism (official website)
  5. World Chicken Festival (official website)
  6. Sue Bennett College (Wikipedia)
  7. Laurel County (Wikipedia)
  8. The Wilderness Road (Wikipedia)
  9. Laurel River Lake (Wikipedia)
  10. Sheltowee Trace Trail (Wikipedia)
  11. Silas House, writer (Wikipedia)
  12. Wildcat Harley Davidson (official webpage)

My friends recommend the following restaurants:

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Levi Jackson State Park
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  1. Levi Jackson Wilderness Road State Park (Wikipedia)
  2. Levi Jackson Wilderness Road State Park (Kentucky State Parks)